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Nike House of Innovation

Paris, France

House of Innovation - Overview video.

A digital AR campaign for Nike’s new store

For the pre-opening of Nike’s “House of Innovation” in Paris, we turned the city into a virtual playground and invited Parisians to access a preview of this new innovative retail experience through web-based augmented reality. Different augmented reality experiences have been created and distributed across the city, the centrepiece being a virtual extension of the famous Pigalle Basketball court, where players could experience the new designs in mobile AR.

A treasure hunt in the shadow of the Tour Eiffel.

Creating hype around Nike’s House of Innovation opening

With its brand new House of Innovation, located in the heart of Paris, Nike aimed to showcase its “best innovations, athlete storytelling and experiences” with an immersive and digitally-powered end-to-end consumer journey. In order to promote the inauguration and raise excitement around the event, we were asked to create a promotional experience using cutting edge technologies.

Treasure hunt prompt.
QR codes outside the retail.
Preview on the application.

Unlocked AR prompt.

A digital glimpse into Nike’s House of Innovation

While the treasure hunt was taking place, we used the covered windows of the soon-to-be-opened House of Innovation by turning them into augmented reality portals, allowing users a peek behind the curtain of the upcoming store. The visitors would see an abstract version of the interior filled to the brim with opportunities to win sneakers, invitations and experiences. Once the shop finally opened in autumn and visitors poured into the House of Innovation, they experienced the most innovative retail experience in Paris, powered by Nike.

Nike House of Innovation in Paris.
The building hosting the shop.
Entrance to the House of Innovation.
Pigalle court playground.
Pigalle court from aerial view.

The new aesthetic of the iconic Pigalle basketball court.

The heart of the AR campaign was the freshly repainted Pigalle court. The iconic court always had its own set of rules, such as rebounding against the side walls. With the repainting, a new set of rules was established and our augmented reality layer explained these in an immersive tone. The layer extended the Pigalle court virtually and turned the court into a truly immersive playground.

  • Pigalle court special prompt.
  • Players gathering in Pigalle court.
  • A basketball match in Pigalle court.
  • Nike white AR prompt.

Using Web AR for creating a straightforward experience

Taking advantage of the new power of the Web, users could experience everything just by scanning the QR code on-site and accessing the different features through Web AR. The code would take the participants directly to the AR experience, avoiding in this way the need to download the app and making the whole event more accessible and engaging.

Detail of a 3D basket ball.
Detail of Pigalle treasure hunt lock.

Heidi O’Neill, Nike’s President of Consumer and Marketplace

The importance of real-life experiences and human connection is part of our mission. And stores are really an important part of that human connection. We’re continuing to push those boundaries of innovation, and as other retailers may be slowing or pausing, we’re as bold as ever.

Detail des Pigalle-Erlebnis.

Detail of Pigalle treasure hunt lock.

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