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GT Ride

Berlin, Germany

Kia GT Ride - Overview video.

A customisable and multiplayer game for KIA

The game enables the player to create tracks which can be shared and used as an arena with other competitors. Initially staged at the IAA Frankfurt as an interactive installation, the same experience was then used and modified in order to create a one-of-a-kind mobile experience.

Final racetrack by Torsten at the IAA.

KIA interactive installation at Frankfurt International Motor Show

As part of KIA ́s exhibition, GT RIDE was presented at the International Motor Show IAA 2013 in Frankfurt a. M. On a 9 x 55“ displays wall, a kinect sensor and a racing wheel, trade fair visitors could enjoy the game as an interactive installation. By moving their hand in midair they created complex tracks within seconds and, in the next step, they raced the originated tracks by using the wheel. The faces of the visitors showed us that it was "One hell of a ride".

IAA setup with tracking and steering wheel.
Track being built.
Painting the freeway.
Track no. 12458 on a desktop browser.
Final freeway created with the tracking of the installation.

The artwork as a base for the cityscape tracks

We felt it was the perfect occasion for building an interactive game. Drawings provided a basis for the development of the game ́s own style. Among others, a dynamic shaped road was sketched above a cityscape. Another version shows a line rising over a city like a giant roller coaster. Besides the setting, the drawings also lead to the decision for the black and white style of the nighttime view.

Building up the 3D race track in real time

In the first step, we tried to create simple tracks in real time. At that time, the engine was very plain, but gradually, it became more and more elaborated with 3D items, an impressive cityscape and a clouded skyline. But that was only one little piece to achieving the goal set. The trickier part was to create a magnificent setting with a limited amount of polygons to enable the formation of unique tracks. As the Motor Show was already in September, we first finished the installation with a high-res version of GT RIDE for the big screen.

Players' perspective.
Torsten doing a tracking test with the mobile sensors.
Entering the tunnel.
  • Slowing down after the race.
  • Close to the finish line after a very curvy track.
  • A large crowd watching the game.

A truly surreal race along unique race tracks.

The final result included cars running along the motorway even hastened by driving over frequently appearing white signs. Players had to compete while avoiding red signs and roadsides as elements slowing the race. The more turns and loops were created, the more fun players would have while driving. Meanwhile, we had to defy the laws of physics and rewrite the entire mathematics of the car by hand to prevent us from falling out of the sky.

Watch more
Die IAA-Einrichtung mit dem Lenkrad.
Test-Setup während der Entwicklung im Atelier.

Red Dot Award Jury

"An impressive aspect of this mobile gaming app is its use of gestures for playing and creating a track".

KIA GT RIDE from installation to game application

Initially conceived as an installation we used the core program again and stripped it down to a tailor-made mobile experience utilising the sensors of modern mobile devices. Additionally also added a multiuser mode in order to let people share their freshly built tracks and compete on them against each other, making this a truly unique experience.

Race engine on an iPhone5.




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