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We create

Immersive narratives at the intersection of art, science and storytelling.

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Legacy of Tomorrow

A visionary metaverse runway built in Unreal Engine 5, celebrating cultural heritage and modern fashion in a virtual space.

Myriad - Where we connect

Interactive Media Foundation

Myriad is a cross-media project exploring the fascination and challenges of the animals’ global migrations in an ever-changing, globally connected world.


Humboldt Forum

A permanent, large-scale installation exhibited at the atrium of the Humboldt Forum in Berlin. This installation explores the relationship between tides, winds, erosion, and tectonics, and highlights the fragility of our natural environment.

Das Totale Tanz Theater


To celebrate the centenary of the Bauhaus movement, Das Totale Tanz Theater explores the role of people in the digital age through a virtual reality dance experience.

The Bone

Interactive Media Foundation

The Bone transports us into the consciousness streams of wild and farmed salmon. We experience the different living conditions of these animals in a poetic-mythical form.

Inside Tumucumaque

Interactive Media Foundation

A deep, virtual based exploration of the world of Tumucumaque, through the eyes of the animals of the Amazonas and their experience connected back with nature.