#025 installations / Film

Siemens Home Case Study

In December 2014 we teamed up with Heimat Hamburg and giraffentoast to bring to life the interactive brand identity film for Siemens Home. A spatial installation with a theatrical stage, utilising latest anamorphic 3d mapping technology and a clever camera tracking system that could transform into very believable ever changing worlds, visible only for one spectator: The camera.

It was quite important that this vast amount of technology in use would be there to serve the user, instead of having him follow the technology, ensuring that the concept aligned with the core philosophy of Siemens Home Appliances, that building a product should make the life easier and free time for the important things in life. The result is an innovative and experimental brand identity film showcasing technological excellence, staying true to the idea that the medium is the message.

Watch the Making Of

the stage - 10x10m

Watch the Film

interactive particle rain

living environments - the forest

in the end the projection dissovles

home stories - living environment, city

The perfect illusion

anamorphic 3D projection mapping

We used a technology called anamorphic 3d mapping that would align the perspective for the viewer so perfectly, that it would seem to this one viewer, as if all the elements would float in midair, still being only projected on the existing geometry.
The process made it necessary to fit the projection absolutely exactly onto the real world geometry. Therefore, we wrote a mapping tool that let´s us control each triangle, with a remote control, so we would be able to move the mapping at a close distance.

the setting - intro of the film

3D rain and interactive transitions

projection tests

Union Studio Berlin

15 workstations, one month in the studio

projection test - the forest

full stage projection of the forest

LaLa Land - testing

the mega city of the end

a film for one viewer - the camera

camera tracking, projection test

projection dissolves into particles